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People can fight for love

In the whole world

We can have better lives


We need to believe

Share love and happiness

Be as good as we can


Sometimes our friends can be cruel, but,

We need to change them together

Our life is short and we need better days


This is possible

If we are united

We can make planet Earth happier and the best place to live.


Stefan Mršić,VI2






School is nice

School is good for us

Teachers are good

Teachers are nice

Everything's fine.

We can't stop going to school

We can't stop learning

Only thing we can do, 

Is to be hard-working.


Maths, Geography, History, Arts...

Our timetable is full of it

But I like it.


Matea Jandrić, VI4



Phantom L's Mystery of the Stolen Diamond

Chapter 1

“My dear,

At the party held on the extravagant passenger ship, the S. S. Fantastic, I shall come to steal the “Diamond of Happiness”. Tonight, I shall put on the ultimate show of phantom thievery. –From: The Phantom Thief L”


I stared down at the letter I received couple minutes ago. I couldn’t believe what I have just read. To get a letter from The Phantom Thief L telling me about his next plan is something, I can’t say amazing, but rather exciting. Before I continue.I should introduce myself. My name is Sebastian Thompson. I am 24 years old and a journalist. Well, a newbie journalist. I just finished studying for journalism and started working about a month ago. There hasn't been anything exciting happening in town, that is, until now. I do have to say, I am both confused and a little bit honored to get a letter from the infamous Phantom Thief L. He is one of the most known thieves in the town. Nobody knows his identity nor had any contact with him. He is known to have one of the best plans as well as escape routes. He has never been caught. The police has never found enough evidence to suspect anybody. So when the letter arrived to me I was shocked. But one thing played in my mind. Why me? From all of other journalists and detectives, why did he choose me? Is it because I'm new to all of this? He thinks I'm not going to manage to do anything? Well, if that is the case then he made a mistake. I may be a newbie but I have knowledge unlike anyone else. That is the reason I graduated early. If there is one thing I like that is a good mystery. I didn't want to lose any time so I started preparing immediately. I packed the most important things that I would need, put on one of my best outfits, this is an extravagant ship so I had to look as good as I could, and took my camera. Before leaving the house I called my apprentice. He just started his studies and is very interested in solving cases that it would be shame if I didn't invite him to help me with this.

“Hello? Eliot Hayward speaking.”

“Hello Eliot, this is Sebastian. I have some interesting business to do so I was wondering if you could help me?”

"O-Of course Sir! Do I have to bring anything?”

"Well, you could bring your camera, as well as your notebook to write down everything that is going to happen. I'll meet you in front of the theater.”

"Yes Sir! I'll be there soon! Goodbye!"Eliot hung up.

“Well, he is more excited than I expected. I wonder how he'll react when I show him the letter...” After checking once again if I had packed everything, I took my suitcase and headed to the theater. I looked up at the sky. "The weather is really nice. I wonder what Phantom might be planning, except stealing the "Diamond of Happiness" of course...” As I was lost in my thoughts I heard a voice calling for me.

"Mister Sebastian! Mister Sebastian!” I looked at the person who's voice belongs to see Eliot standing there, a big smile on his face. I smiled back at him.

"Why hello there Eliot. Are you ready?"

He nodded. "Of course I am Sir! And, not to bother you, but why and where are we going?"

I gave him the letter. "Read this, but be careful that someone doesn't see.”

He took the letter and started reading it. I saw his eyes widened. “S-Sir… Is this real?” “Of course it is Eliot! I know, I was as surprised as you were, but I think he either wants to test my skills or he thinks I’m not capable of doing anything and wants to leave some evidence that he was the one who stole “The Diamond of Happiness”. Either way, we need to stop this, or at least find out who the Phantom is. So Eliot, are you with me? Do you wish to help me?”

He was glowing with excitement. "Of course Sir!”

I smiled at him. "Then let's go!"

We were talking about why would Phantom choose to tell someone about his plan to steal the diamond. In about fifteen minutes we were at the dock. There were people everywhere and they all looked to be high class. "There is a lot of rich people here...” Eliot said.

"Well of course, considering the ship, it doesn't really surprise me. But don't worry, I checked for the ticket, it isn't expensive. Come on, let's go buy one. I hope there is few left". "Okay Sir"

After walking around for few minutes we finally found the ticket seller. "Hello, I would like two tickets please".

The ticket seller gave me two. "Here ya go. You're in luck. There is only three left, and now that ya bought two only one. I wonder who the lucky guy or gal will be! Have a nice trip Mister!" He said with a big smile. "Thank you". I came back to Eliot.

"Here you go. You don't need to pay me back. It's my treat"

"T-Thank you so much Mister Sebastian! Should we look around?"

"Of course. Try to look for anyone acting suspicious. You take notes while I will take photos, okay?" I told him. "Okay! I will!"

We were walking around once again when I heard a conversation of two men. I stopped and pretended to look for something in my suitcase. "Did you hear? Not only will they show the "Diamond of Happiness", they will auction it". "Does anyone else know?" "Well, the ones that are going do. Most of them actually. Why do you think so many rich people came?" "But, isn't that illegal?" "It is. That why it is a secret, and nobody else can know..." "Oh..."I closed my suitcase and signaled Eliot to come closer. "What is it, Sir?"

"It seem that they will auction the "Diamond of Happiness". And not only that, it's an illegal auction, it's a secret. Plus, that is why there is a lot of rich people, the only ones who could afford the diamond".

Before I even said anything else, Eliot was already writing this down. "Good... just keep writing..."

I was about to tell him something else when someone pushed past us. "Pardon me Sir". The man said.

I took a better look at him. "That's Patrick Garnet!" Eliot said.

"Yes it is... Now that there is an auctioneer, it is guaranteed that they are planning to auction the diamond..."

He looked like he was looking for something, or someone. "Why would he get off the ship? They must be getting ready inside, so why?" I was thinking when Eliot spoke. "Maybe he forgot something? He seems to be in a hurry, so whatever it is it must be important. Or...Maybe he is expecting someone? He seems to be looking down at his watch every now and then, like someone is late..."

He looked at me like he was asking for an approval. "Yes... It does seem like it. Let's go to the other side of the dock. Nothing except Mister Garnet seems suspicious over here."

I turned around and started walking. I heard Eliot yell behind me. "Watch out Sir! You're going to-" I wasn't watching where I was going so I bumped into someone and fell down, taking the person in front of me down as well. "-bump… into someone... Are you alright?" Eliot asked me and helped me up.

"Yeah, I am". The person in front me started getting up. "Here, let me help you Sir" I offered my hand to him and he took it. "I am so sorry. I wasn't paying attention". He smiled at me.

"It's alright. I wasn't either. I just came here. Thought I would be late, but I didn't want to hurry... My name's Bard Sanders, I'm the local mechanic".

"My name is Sebastian Thompson and that is Eliot Hayward".

"It's nice to meet you Mister Sanders". Eliot said.

I noticed a toolbox behind him.I picked it up and handed it to Bard. His eyes widened and he quickly took the boy from my hands.

"Ah... Be careful!There is a lot breakable things in there!O-oh. I'm sorry Mister Sebastian. S-sorry for yelling, just that if I break something inside I'm losing my job..."

I gave him a little smile. "Don't worry about it. I would probably react the same"

He looked down at his watch and yawned a little. "I need to go! It was nice meeting you both!" He said and went inside the ship.

I turned to Eliot. "Are you alright? You look lost in your thoughts", I asked him.

"Yes I am. Thanks for the concern Sir. But it looks like Bard is really late for something".

"Well he is a mechanic. He probably has something to fix aboard".

"Oh, Mister Sebastian, when are we setting of?"

"Well, in about half an ho-" I was cut off by someone yelling.


Una Kiš VIII3




The Tale of a Red-haired Girl


There was one small village in the middle of the forest. Everything was normal until one day girl with red hair wasn’t born. Most people thought it was a bad sign. Red-haired girl – Merida decided to leave the village one day. She brought some food and her dog with her. Merida was walking for hours until the dark didn't come. Then she climbed the tree but her stuff and her dog stayed under tree. Loud noises woke her up but ther was nobody there. She came down and she saw that her stuff was missing. Her dog was barking, but she didn't see him around. She followed barking until she didn't found her dog. He was going behind her on the way back but he stopped few times to turn around but there was nobody behind. Suddenly she heard something and then somebody came out of the dark. Her dog start barking again but this time louder.

-Who are you?!

-We are elves.


More dwarves appeard behind him. First one step closer and remove his black hood.

-I am Melion, and yes we are elves.

-We won't hurt you, and we are really friendly, by the way. You seems like you're lost. Come with us to our village. We promise you will be safe with us.

-What's with my stuff?

Melion gave her stuff to her and he apologized for that.

-How can I trust you?

-Well elves can't lie...But, how can we trust you?

-I am Merida. I can lie but why would I? I'm only human..and I'm alone and you aren't.

-Good point. Come with us.

Tijana Topalovic, VIII2




Magic is real?


Hi, my name is Ella and I am writing for the first time in my new diary! I am so excited, and really nervous as well! So, today was fun, I went to our local park and walked my dog, rode a horse and fed the ducks in the lake that is in the park. Oh, I have to go now, bye dear diary


Me: Okay, I finished writing, I should start studying now, I have a test tomorrow..

I found the books I needed, and started studying..

“While I was studying, I heard sounds from the kitchen, but I wasn't sure what they were from. I tried ignoring it, but I felt like it was getting louder and louder”

Mom: John, go do your homework this instant! I won't tell you again!

John: Why don't you let me live for a minute? I am an 17 year old teenager and I know how to take care of myself!

“I decided to go downstairs and see what's going on”

Mom: I know it's hard but you need to get used to it!It's called school because you need to study and work hard to pass everything..

John: Ugh, you are so difficult sometimes. I'm going to my room, not hungry tonight.

“I heard everything. The way my brother talked to my mom was more than rude.. I saw that scene again. I just felt my sight got blurry and started crying..”

Mom: Dear? Ella? What's wrong sweetie?

Me: Why do you argue all the time?! You know I don't like that..

Mom: Ella….

“I went back to my room and started getting ready for bed, I lost all my will for studying.. But that night, something strange happened..”

Me: Ok, I packed my bag for tomorrow, done all of my homework and….Ugh, why is this happening everytime? I wish there was no fighting and arguing in our family..

Noise: Ella, open me!

Me: What? It's coming from my bedside table… Wait, Is my diary sparkling? Is it making that noise?

Noise: yes that's me Ella. Open me, please?

Me: Why would I open you? How can I know that you won't do something dangerous?

Noise: I won't Ella, I’m your birthday gift, I'm not doing that!

“I opened it, and I felt like I need to close my eyes because, it's new that books can talk. And then, I felt something.

Diary: You can open your eyes now!

Me: Wow!

“I saw a whole different world! By the look of it, everything was really sparkly and clean. I just couldn't believe my eyes! It was all so, different and unbelievable”

Diary: Well? Do you like it here? This is where I lived before I met you. This is Sparkle Town. Make yourself at home

Me: Home? Oh, how long will I stay here? I have school you know

Diary: You will stay here until you finish the quest.

Me: What quest?

Diary: Well, there is something you should know. A long time ago, there was a witch called Miranda. She was really evil and she was destroying everything she could in this small town. The legend says that one specific person will destroy her and her spells.

Diary: But I think It's not real! Just a legend

Ella: You think so? Well, I don't think it's a good idea to ignore it..

Diary: Oh Ella, you are such a scaredy-cat

“As she said that, silence started appearing, but let's not talk about that. I started exploring other super sparkly places”

A couple of minutes later..

Me: Ok, I know this is a great place and all, but do you have a restaurant or somewhere to eat? I am really hungry.

Diary: oh, we do! There is a bakery just behind that bush over there. My good friend is a great baker and I think you will love her food.

Me: ooh, that'd be awesome! But I don't have any money with me..

Diary: Don't worry, we will sort something out, she is super friendly.

“While we were walking, I felt like someone was watching us, but I couldn't see anybody. It was probably just a bad feeling, there is nothing bad in this beautiful town!”


Miranda: Tom! Where is my lunch! I said you have 30 minutes to make me chicken and rice! You are such a bad servant! Ugh, let's see what the little annoying and happy kids are doing today.

Tom: Your highness, your lunch is ready. I served it in the dining room.

Miranda: What is that?! It's a girl! And I never saw her around here. Tom, go and be useful for once. Follow them and make sure you call me when something new happens.


Diary: Here we are! The Cookie Café!

Lia: Diary! Welcome, and hello to you, strange person

Diary: Hi Lia! Get us a quick snack, our guest is hungry.

Lia: okay, what would you like?

Me: I don't know? Anything you think is great!

Lia: ok, coming right up!

“While waiting, I saw a strange guy looking through the window to the inside. He seemed really cute, but it was really creepy, so I ignored him.”

Lia: Here you go!

Me, Diary: mmm, that looks good!

Lia: Why thank you! But I think that you are my last customers before the closing..

Me: Why would you close? Your pastry is super delicious!

Lia: Didn't you tell her Diary? About the witch? And her spell number 100?

Diary: Oh that! Umm, well, I did about the witch, not about the spell..

Lia: Apparently, spell number 100 is a really strong spell and it lasts forever. The witch wants to ruin our sparkly side of the town. Not just that, we have time until October 23rd

Diary: Lia, that's just a hilarious legend, right?!

Me: Diary are you sure? It sounds really bad.. Just like that previous one you told me.

Diary: It's just a legend, I am pretty sure it's just made to scare others.. Anyways, lets go now.

Me: Bye Lia! Thanks for the food.


“While walking back to Diary's home, I saw a really pretty diamond on the ground. I picked it up, but Diary wasn't really happy with that..”

Diary: What's that diamond doing in your hand?

Me: Diary, you've been acting strange lately. Is there something you want to tell me?

Diary: Yes, there is something.. About that spell and Miranda person… It's true, she is real, and that spell number 100.. Our town will disappear if we don't stop her. And as that legend says, one specific and different person will help destroy her and her spells. I think that's you…

Me: Me? But how can I help you? I'm not even from here..

Diary: Well, that's true, but wait.. I know! Let's go to the great-great wizard. He knows everything about spells and magic.

Me: Okay then. Lead the way!



A list from the wizard


“We've been walking for 5 minutes and I'm already tired. I hope we get to this wizard guy as soon as possible because I have school on Monday.. Is that today? I don't even know.”

Diary: Are you all good?

Me: Just tired and exhausted, but I'm okay.

Diary: Just a little longer, maybe 5 minutes..

“I was really tired and I was barely walking, but I didn't want to brag about everything..”


Miranda: Hmm.. Tom! Come here this instant!!

Tom: Yes, your highness?

Miranda: Get me my book of spells, It's time for some magic to happen..

Tom: Sure…Your highness.

“Back to me and my diary. We came to one mountain, with nothing around it.. I don't know why, but Diary kept telling me that the great-great Wizard lives here.”

Diary: Chocolate and strawberry, open please, your greatness!

“One door appeared, opened, and we went inside.”

Old man: Who's here? Ooh, Diary! Welcome, and you, strange human being.

Diary: Hello great-great Wizard! We came to ask you about something. Oh, sorry, this is Ella! She is the specific one

Me: How do you know! Stop that!

Wizard: Oh dear, you are. I see the power and the magic in your eyes.. I know how you can beat the witch!

Me: What do we need?

Wizard: I'll make you a list, and you need to follow the order and find them that way. Was I clear enough?

Me, Diary: yes, you were.

Wizard: Go now, the earlier, the better for our town.

“We were outside when the Wizard called our names again”

Wizard: Wait! Before you go, take this water, you'll need it. And keep in mind that only YOU can drink these, no one else, they are magical, and they have the ability to give you wings, helpful pets, or even some magical abilities.. And remember, you have time before October 23rd

Me: Okay, thank you so much!

“We took the water, and started our journey on finding these ingredients”

Diary: Where to first Ella?

Me: It says here that we have to go to The Great River. We have to find a blue flower there.

Diary: Okay then. Let's go!

“We were walking for 15 minutes maybe, and then we arrived to this beautiful place”

Me: Wow! This place is so gorgeous! So clean and shiny!

Diary: So, where are we supposed to find that flower?

Me: Hmm, I see something over there behind that bush, it looks like a some kind of shimmer. Maybe we should look there.

Diary: Sure, let's go!

“We got closer to the bush, but It instantly transformed to a human!”

Bush: Who dares to take my flowers?

Me: Oh, sorry! We didn't know they were yours.. You see, we need them to beat the witch, she wants to ruin Sparkle Town! Can we take just one?

Diary: Yes, she is right! Can we?

Bush: Well, since you asked so kindly, yes. But you won't be able to ask for another one for a while. You see, only special human beings are able to get this flower. Here you go!

“The Bush gave us the flower, we marked it on the list, and started leaving for another ingredient”

Me: Goodbye Mrs. Bush! Thank you!

Diary: Goodbye!

Bush: Goodbye dear friends!

“With one ingredient, we left The Great River, and started looking for another ingredient. Where will time take us, we don't know, but we will hopefully find out!”

To be continued…

Milica Topic, VIII3









A really weird adventure


Me: Okay, so, we found the flower. Next on the list is…. The golden dust.

Diary: Ooh, gold!Where do we find it?

Me: I don't know.. Maybe in a cave or a magical house?

Diary: Oh, now you're being a full-humor person..

Me: Whatever, forget it! Let's just find that unicorn dust..

“Now I’m being mean, but she really made me mad, I was just joking.. Do all of the creatures on this land have no sense of humor?”


“While we are looking for the ingredient, the Witch has some other plans in mind..”

Miranda: Tom! Where is my pie? I am loosing my patience here.

Tom: Sorry your majesty, It got burned a little bit..

Miranda: Okay, fine. Whatever. But the girl and the diary are still on my way. I need to eliminate them somehow… Tom, come here!

Tom: Yes?

Miranda: Take this necklace and try to put it on the girl's neck. I don't know how, but do it!

Tom: Is it dangerous?

Miranda: No, it's safe.. Maybe..! Wait, are you questioning me? How do you dare!? Take it and leave now!

“He took the necklace and started his quest..”


Diary: Ella, can we stop for a moment, I'm hungry..

Me: Fine.

Diary: Lilly packed us some cookies and muffins to keep us full throughout the adventure. What do you want?

Me: I will take something myself, thanks.

“I had enough of these adventures and I wanted to go back home to my mom and friends, but I couldn't leave now, we got the list… This land counts on us..”

Diary: Ella, is something wrong? You look sad…

Me: It's nothing, I’m okay..

“While eating I talked with Diary and sorted some things out, and luckily we are friends again! But that's not all. I heard some noises in the bushes but I didn't want to look behind me..”

Me: Do you hear some weird noises behind me in the bushes?

Diary: No, why?

Me: I should look..

“I was brave, I stood up and I went to see what's going on.. While looking, I saw someone. It was a boy, a very cute boy actually…”


Me: Ah!

“He splashed lots of water on me! I was crying wet, but then I lost my balance and I fell, but then… He held me and didn't let go..”

Me: Oh my gosh! Why did you do that?!

Tom: I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else…

Me: Oh, well, I'm not! Now, can you let me go..?

Tom: Oh, yes…

“I felt cold when he put me down… Probably because I was wet!

Tom: Here, take this necklace, as an apology for what I’ve done…

Me: Oh, It's so pretty and thank you. But… Never mind.

“Then, he put it around my neck and left, and Diary got me new clothes”


Me: Diary? Isn't it strange that he just put the necklace on my neck? It felt like he knew this would happen..

Diary: Oh come on Ella! Don't be unthankful, he was being nice.. Oh and, Ella look! There is some golden dust over there, could it be the one we need?

Me: Maybe! Let's follow it.

“It is leading to a rock with a box…?”

Diary: Ok, this is weird… What's inside the box?

Me: There's only one way to find out.. Look inside of it!

“Inside there was… Golden dust! The one we were looking for!

Creature: BEHOLD!

Diary: Please, don't hurt us! We are too young to die!

Creature: What do you want from my box and Golden dust?

Me: Hello, here's the story.. We need a little bit of this Golden dust so we can beat the witch.. Miranda. Would you mind giving us some?

Creature: That witch made my personality really bad… Okay, you can take some.

Me: Thank you creature! Take a muffin as a thank you gift!

Creature: Thank you and, goodbye. But don't be selfish!

Diary: Why would we be?

Creature: That Golden dust is really magical and powerful, don't use it on things you don't need to destroy.. It has the ability to eliminate stuff, like logs, trees, fences...

Me: Thanks for telling us! Goodbye!

“We left and started our journey to the third ingredient that is still a mystery to discover.


Milica Topić,VIII3




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